Dale Laboratories Affiliate Program

A New Income Source For Your Studio

Are you providing your clients with high-resolution DVDs of weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs and quinces when they choose not to initially order an album from you?

Our affiliate program is designed to give you a few extra dollars from those DVDs. Our laboratory will provide beautifully designed photo albums directly to your clients. There is nothing for you to do but direct these people to us. We'll do all the work... producing finished albums that will make you proud!

How This Program Works

  1. Fill in the Application on the back of this sheet and FAX it to us.
  2. We'll design and coordinate promotions with you to spread the word to your clients. These promos may include laying out letters for you on your company stationary and creating email campaigns, using your data base, to let your old clients know about this new service.
  3. This is a win-win program that will help you and your clients. We are 100% open to your suggestions.
Questions? Ask any of our customer service people for details or call Dale directly at (954) 536-4290. Take advantage of this great opportunity.

Application For The Dale Laboratories Affiliate Program
Please FAX Your Filled In Application to (954) 922-3008

Studio Name:_________________________________
Telephone: ( ) ____________________________
Contact Name:________________________________
FAX: ( ) __________________________________
Web Site:____________________________________
Referral Commission Preference: Check   or   Credit Toward My Lab Account


Business Model: In exchange for your studio promoting our photographic album design and printing services to your clients Dale Laboratories will give you a $50 commission when we have received final payment from your client and delivered an album or albums that are accepted by them. Your responsibility will be to promote our services through printed or online notifications to your clients for our services from DVDs, CDs or USBs you provide them with that contain your professionally photographed images. We will work with you to create the promotional copy & materials.

Your Copyright Release: In signing this agreement you are granting us permission to use your images from clients submitting your digital files to us in photo albums and photographic printing. We ask that you provide your clients with a printed release that we can include with their orders. Dale Laboratories will pay you defined commissions (selected by you above.) Our services may be purchased in our store, by mail or online via our web site at www.iPrints.com.

Means of Identifying Your Clients: Customers will be encouraged on your promotional printed piece to identify themselves as being recommended by you. This identification will take place by either 1) presenting a copy of your promotional material, which will have your studio name, in our store, or 2) by informing our staff in some way that they were referred to our laboratory by you. Your clients must clearly indicate that your studio referred them to our laboratory or we will not be responsible for any commissions. Referral commissions will only be paid to registered studios or photographers who have filled out this form to join our program.

Technique For Linking Your Clients to Your Studio: Our Customer Service staff will set up a job order for the custom album on which you or your studio will be referenced. Your client will be assigned a distinct Customer ID # under which we will complete their album or any other printing they choose to give us.

Which Of Your Clients Qualify? Any person or company who is referred by you may be registered as “your” client. Should two photographers refer the same individual that client will be assigned to the first photographer or studio whose client uses our services. If there are two “shooters” you or we may arrange to split the $50 commission.

Duration: This is a new program for 2014. It may be discontinued if it becomes impractical, in which case we will notify participating photographers and studios.

Disputes: In signing this application you agree that the judgment of our laboratory personnel regarding assignment of commissionable clients shall be final. You waive the right to court trials. Our laboratory management will do its best to resolve any disputes regarding commissions by providing you with full disclosure of sales made to your clients. Should disputes remain they may be arbitrated in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida under Florida law, by a mutually agreed upon Arbitration Attorney. Arbitration fees shall be equally split between you and Dale Laboratories.

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