Dale Laboratories Photographic Services

Why Dale Laboratories?  
Dale Laboratories Photographic Services

10 Reasons To Use Dale Laboratories

     We can really sum up why you should use our photo lab in just a few words:

Dale Laboratories Photographic Services

• We're nice people who will treat you right.

• We have the technology to deliver what we promise.
• We'll make your digital and/or film photography better.


But, if you like reading, here's the long version!

1. Professional quality -

     As consumers, we'd all like to believe that we're getting the best quality possible for our money. Yet, experience teaches us that this isn't always the case.

     The simple fact is that consumers rarely get the same photographic quality at retail stores that professionals receive from pro labs.

     Dale Laboratories is a professional photo lab that has opened its doors to serious amateurs, as well as pros.

Dale Laboratories Photographic Services

We don't lower the bar of excellence for the public. Instead we raise it to the standards demanded by photographers who take pictures for a living. No matter what the level of your shooting, be it from film or digital, you'll see the difference!


2. Services not available (or difficult to find) at other labs -

     Photographers worldwide use Dale Laboratories because we offer unique processes and services that simply aren't available elsewhere. Among these are:

• Slides and prints from the same roll of color print film
• Individual color-correction of online print orders by MasterDale Laboratories Photographic ServicesDale Laboratories Photographic Services Dale Laboratories Photographic ServicesDale Laboratories Photographic ServicesTechnicians.
• High-resolution Picture CDs from 35mm film rolls
• Prize-winning enlargements from film or digital cameras
• Digital B&W film processing and enlarging from 35mm film
• America's highest quality film and digital prints of underwaterDale Laboratories Photographic ServicesDale Laboratories Photographic Servicesphotos (a special process performed under an exclusive licenseDale Laboratories Photographic ServicesDale Laboratories Photographic Serviceswith Eastman Kodak company)
• Museum quality Giclée and Fine-Art B&W prints


Dale Laboratories Photographic Services


3. We'll talk to you - Call our Toll Free number (800) 327-1776 and you'll speak to a real, live caring person. We'll truthfully answer all of your questions and work through your concerns. If something's wrong, we'll make it right!




4. Dale is a family business…and a person - Our laboratory has been in business for more than 30 years. Over that time we have served tens of thousands of satisfied photographers. As a family business we have a personal stake in keeping you happy.

Dale Laboratories Photographic Services


Our founders, Dale and Elaine still personally manage the lab. Son, David, with his computer and photographic expertise, provides the next generation of support. David keeps us on the cutting edge of computer and Internet technology. Our staff forms our extended family … many having worked with us for over twenty years. Everyone in our company is 100% dedicated to customer service.



5. We live and work by the Golden Rule - We simply won't produce photo quality for you that we wouldn't want to receive ourselves. So, we individually correct every picture that comes through our lab with the same care we give to our own pictures. (Every person on our staff has the right and obligation to correct any photograph he or she feels isn't up to standards…no questions asked.)

Dale Laboratories Photographic Services


6. We're in the "Yes" business - There are times you may have special photographic needs that aren't on our price list. If we can, we'll create the product you're looking for. If not, we'll suggest other ways you can achieve your goals.


7. A good package counts - Our award-winning print wallets have an index print right on the front cover. So, you'll see exactly which pictures are inside at a glance.

Dale Laboratories Photographic ServicesThis may not seem very important when you have a single roll of film or a small batch of digital prints. But, what about ten years from now, when you have dozens of print packets filling drawers? We spend twice what other labs do for our packaging, to protect your valuable pictures and make finding selected photos easier.



8. We're not cheap - But, we are a pretty good bargain. Value is what you get for what you pay. You'll find that at Dale we under-promise and over-deliver.

     Few experiences leave as bad a taste as getting a great price on a service and then having to settle for second best or being forced to pay more to get it right.

     We're not against people who are thrifty…and we recognize that there will always be companies that will sell for less than we do.

     So, we just suggest that if price is your only criteria, you may want to do a bit more surfing around the Web. If it's value you're looking for, from a lab that won't make you jump through hoops to get it, you won't do better than Dale Laboratories.

9. Behind the scenes technology that makes your pictures better - Many of our machines are one-of-a-kind devices, specially designed for our laboratory.

     Sometimes, it's not just what you see in your pictures that make them look good, but what you don't. At Dale we've engineered special equipment and created digital techniques that automatically do everything from eliminating dust specks from your prints to making your images look sharper.

     Automatic quality control techniques and devices are engineered into our systems throughout the laboratory.

10. Our Satisfaction Guarantee - Your complete satisfaction is our #1 priority. Should you ever receive any photographic print or processing service that is not 100% up to your expectations, please let us know. We will either improve it or let you know why it cannot be improved. If you are still dissatisfied…for any reason…you may return your order for a complete refund.