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iPrints.com is the online division of Dale Laboratories, a 35 year old professional photographic laboratory
that specializes in serving the needs of  professional and advanced amateur photographers.  

We give pros the edge they need in today's competitive market. If you're
a serious amateur…or just someone who wants better prints from your
digital camera…we'll open the doors to pro quality that will raise your
photographs to the next level.

Our reputation has been built by providing special photo lab services
that either aren't found at other laboratories or are difficult to find at
retail outlets. Dale Laboratories is world-renowned for a special 35mm
film process that produces both slides and prints from the same roll of
film, as well as our prize-winning enlargements.

Today, we serve both film and digital photographers. Film shooters send their rolls and negatives to our
Florida-based laboratory via postage-paid mailers. Prints and enlargements from digital images are either
ordered online at www.iprints.com or by copying digital images onto CD-Rs and mailing the CDs to the

The secret to our quality is that every picture going through our laboratory is individually color corrected
by a Master Technician. (Though we have cutting-edge technology, we don't use the computerized, auto
-correction that consumer-oriented online sites rely on for their color adjustments.)

Every print and enlargement is carefully inspected to be sure it meets our demanding standards. If
necessary, we'll reprint to make sure your pictures are as good as they can be. We believe you deserve
no less.

You create beautiful images. We'll make them look great!

Should you ever need any advice or help, please feel free to call us, Toll Free, at (800) 327-1776.

Dale Farkas
President & Founder

Mailing address:

Dale Laboratories
2960 Simms Street (800) 327 - 1776
Hollywood, FL 33020-1579 FAX: (954) 922-3008

Home Page: www.dalelabs.com Email: dalelabs@aol.com

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