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Kaz Takahashi
Great Photographs of America’s National Parks

Kaz Takahashi is living his boyhood dream.

Kaz grew up in a small town in rural Japan. When he was in elementary school he found his father’s harmonica and a Stephen Foster song book with word pictures describing America . Kaz wanted very much to see America for himself, so that he could discover the grandeur that could inspire such beautiful music.

As a young man, Kaz Takahashi finally received his opportunity to visit America. He had learned photography during a stint in the Japanese army. After his
discharge, Kaz became a sports photographer for the Japanese Sports Newspaper. The paper offered him a staff position covering sports for them in the U.S.

Though Kaz earns his living by photographing sports… and he is one of world’s best…his true love is photographing America’s natural beauty.


During his travels for the News and on his free time, Kaz has visited every national park in
the United States. He has photographed the scenes and wildlife he has found with both
artistry and love.

We’re proud to have Kaz Takahashi as a friend and client…and we’re pleased to present a
sampling of his work for you on iPrints.com.

You can view and purchase Kaz Takahashi’s photographs by visiting his web site, http: