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PhotoSecrets publishes full-color travel guides for people who enjoy photography. Their guides include PhotoSecrets · Yosemite and PhotoSecrets · San Francisco and Northern California. The guides show beautiful pictures of the "must see" views of each locale and describes the what, where, when, and how of each picture. Most of the images are from Photo CD scans made at Dale Laboratories.

What makes the PhotoSecrets web site a wonderful resource are the really great tips they offer on how to get better pictures. Most of the tips are direct excerpts from the books. The pointers are ones you can easily use to improve your photography. All the information on the site is simple enough for the beginning photographer to understand, yet in-depth enough to help even working pros. We'd really recommend a visit! Click here.

The Film Shop


This web page is a real find for anyone who is serious about photography. The Film Shop offers just about every film in the world at a significant discount. They also have complete and accurate descriptions of what each film can do for your photography.

Nothing beats the convenience of shop-at-home, direct-mail service. Save money on your film at the Film Shop. Then, return your film to us at Dale Laboratories for the developing and enlarging that will bring your pictures to life. You'll save time and money. But, most important, you'll get the professional quality your photography deserves! Click here.

Eastman Kodak


Though we'd usually hesitate to send you to the "infomercial" pages of corporate America, Kodak's page has so much good information it's worth looking at. Of particular interest are some of their digital Q & A pages. There's a lot of great info on Photo CDs, new films, etc. Just bear in mind that the primary purpose of the pages are to promote Kodak products and services. Still, it's a beautiful, very worthwhile Web destination. Click here.

Epson Inkjet Printers


You've taken some great photographs. We've made you beautiful prints and digitized your pictures on a Picture CD or a Photo CD. What else can you do with your pictures?

With a photo-quality printer attached to your PC or Mac there's a world of great things you can do! Retouch them with Photoshop, PhotoStyler, or other imaging software. Include the photos in letters, newsletters or business correspondence. Put pictures on T-shirts. The options are as endless as your imagination. But, first you need a good, "photo-quality" color printer.

The Epson Stylus line of inkjet printers runs the gamut from models like the inexpensive Stylus 400, designed for home use, to their new, wide-format 1520 for business applications. The engineers at Epson are100% "photo-sensitive" and the critics are raving about the quality of even their least expensive printers.

Obviously, the prints you make on an inkjet aren't going to replace traditional photographs and enlargements. But... depending on your needs... you might benefit by owning a good ink-jet printer to output your digital "creations."

We don't sell printers. So, we wouldn't venture to suggest which printer... if any... you purchase. We do believe that being an educated consumer can lead you to a printer that will best show the digital images we make for you... and hopefully get the best value for your dollar. A good start is seeing what photo-quality printers are on the market before you go to the store. Epson's home page is beautifully designed and gives a nice, honest comparison of all of their models. All the features are there, neatly listed and easy to understand.

Happy shopping!

Gil T Photography


If you'd like to see just how great your photographs can look on your own Web page we can't think of a better example than Gil Friedman's page. Gil works full time as a medical technician just a short distance from our Hollywood lab. But, Gil's true love is taking pictures of Nature's wonders. This page shows just how good scenics from a tremendously talented, award winning photographer can be. On Gil's home page you'll see dozens of beautiful nature shots that he's taken all across America. The pictures are free for the viewing and a real bargain to purchase if you're looking for top-notch stock photographs or works of photographic art for your home or office!

Winfield Ray Holbrook Photography


Winfield Holbrook has processed thousands of photographs at Dale Laboratories. Many of his best are on this beautifully designed Web site. Not only are his photos a pleasure to behold, but Mr. Holbrook gives a wealth of professional tips that you can apply to your own photography. Click here.

Your Web Site Could Be Here!


Please let us know by e-mail if you have a Web site that you think would be of genuine interest to amateur and professional photographers. We'll look at yours and other web sites and try to create a fresh link from our site to a new site each month. Click here to send us a description and your Web address.

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