To Order Reprints or Enlargements From Film:

If you have negatives that you'd like to submit today please fill in (type in) the following, self-calculating Order Form. When you reach the bottom of the form, click on the Compute and Format for Printing button and your computer will calculate the exact payment due. Print the completed form on your laser printer and include it, your negatives, and payment in any sturdy envelope. We'd suggest mailing your negatives between two cardboards. Send your order to:

Dale Laboratories, 2960 Simms Street, Hollywood, FL 33020-1579

If for some reason your computer does not calculate the form, please click here to format a blank order form. All prices are included, so you can print the form and fill it in by hand.

A Few Notes On Enlargements:

To Set Up Your Order

  1. Cut negatives into strips of 4 frames (unless they are already cut.)
  2. Use one envelope for each negative strip. On the outside of the envelope write the frame number, the size(s), and quantities required for each frame on the strip. Also, indicate any special instructions such as texturing or mounting.
  3. We offer digital printing of 35mm color slides on all sizes from 4"x 6" through 20"x 30". When sending a color print, please order a copy negative or a duplicate digital copy.

Giclée Fine Art Prints: Giclée prints (pronounced zhe-clay) are the latest rage in the art world. They are being displayed as art reproductions by both museums and galleries. Now, they are available to you from your negatives, slides or digital files. The beauty of GiclĂ©e lies in its rich, pigmented dyes which are microscopically sprayed onto attractive media ranging from poster paper to canvas.

Cropping: Some of the picture area of 35mm negatives will be cropped out (not show) on the "standard" enlarging sizes of 8 x 10, 11 x 14, 16 x 20, and 20 x 24. That's because the length of the "long," rectangular 35mm frame does not exactly match the "shorter" length of the standard sizes that have traditionally been the "normal" enlarging...and picture frame... sizes.

If you want the "full" picture image from 35mm, we'd suggest ordering one of the "full frame" sizes; 5 x 7, 8 x 12, 14 x 20, or 20 x 30. While these sizes will crop a small amount of the picture they will show most of the picture and are often the best choice for wide angle scenics and group shots.

Cropping on Advanced Photo System frames will be determined by the crop you chose in your camera when you took the picture or by the format (C, H, or P) that you request us to print.

Texturing and Dry-Mounting: Print texturing and/or flush dry mounting add that extra professional touch that makes good enlargements look even better. Two textures are available. The canvas texture is ideal for portraits and strong scenics. The lighter, linen texture highlights softly-lit portraits, flowers or subtle motifs. To order, write "canvas" or "linen" on your negative envelope. To avoid confusion, we request that only one texture type be requested per order.

Flush mounting enhances and protects your enlargements. Your enlargement is bonded with a permanent adhesive on a sturdy art board. To order, write "mount" on the negative envelope.

Enlargement and Reprint Order Form

35mm & 120 Sizes
Reprint Sizes Price Each Quantity Total
2.5" x 3.5" (Wallet Size - Printed 2 Up) $ .60/2    
3.5" x 5" .60    
4" x 6" (35mm & APS) & 4" x 5" (120) & 4" x 7" (APS) .75    
4" x 11.5" (APS & 35mm Panoramic) 2.00    
5" x 7" (Full Frame) 3.00    
35mm & 120 Sizes
Texturing Mounting  
Sizes Price Quantity Per Print Qty Per Print Qty Total
8" x 10" $7.50   $1.25   $5.50    
8" x 12" (Full Frame & APS) 7.50   1.25   6.00    
11" x 14" 10.50   1.50   7.00    
14" x 20" (Full Frame) 19.75   1.75   14.00    
16" x 20" 19.75   1.75   14.00    
20" x 24" 28.50   2.50   18.00    
20" x 30" (Full Frame) 29.50   2.50   20.00    
APS Enlargements Texturing Mounting  
Sizes Price Quantity Per Print Qty Per Print Qty Total
5" x 14" $5.00   $1.00   $4.50    
8" x 12" 7.50   1.25   6.00    
8" x 14" 8.00   1.25   7.00    
Giclée Fine Art Prints
Art Papers or Canvas
Cold Press Art Paper Canvas  
Services Sizes Per Print Quantity Per Print Quantity Total
Artist Enhanced
Giclée print on
 Cold Press Art Paper
11" x 14" $14.95   $37.95    
14" x 20" (35mm Full Frame) $31.95   $43.95    
16" x 20" $31.95   $43.95    
20" x 24" $45.95   $46.95    
20" x 30" (35mm Full Frame) $59.95   $48.95    
30" x 40" $99.95   $64.95    
CD of Your Image (Suggested If You Want to Receive a Matching Print On Future Orders) $10.00 (per Image)    
USB of Your Image (Suggested If You Want to Receive a Matching Print On Future Orders) $10.00 (per Image)    
Less Discount:  
Digital Photograph of Artwork (Up to 11x14) $45.00    
Digital Copy From Prints (Up to 8x10) $7.50    
Digital Copy From Prints (11x14 or larger) $10.00    
Dupe Slides From From Slides or Prints (Minimum Order of 12) 5.00    
Total Amount of Order  
Sales Tax (Fl. Res. Only)
    Fl. Resident?    Yes    No
Shipping & Handling
(20% + Overseas,Canada,Mexico)
Total Amount Enclosed
(U.S. Funds Only)

City:   State:   Zip:  
Country Code:  
Day Phone:  
For orders to Florida, 6% sales tax will be added.
Add 20% per order for shipping and handling, $3.00 minimum, $22.00 maximum.
For all orders to Canada and Mexico, $35 (No Mounting) or $50 (With Mounting).
For orders outside the United States, $50 (No Mounting).