Dale Laboratories

35mm Order Form

Print this order form on your computer's printer by clicking on your browser's File menu and selecting Print. If information is missing, please fill in the order form by hand and calculate the total. Make your check payable to Dale Laboratories for the total amount, or fill in your credit card number and expiration date in the payment section below. Then send your film, this order form, and your payment in any secure envelope or box to:

Dale Laboratories, 2960 Simms Street, Hollywood, FL 33020-1579

Film cassettes may be mailed in any secure envelope or box. Just be sure to enclose the rolls in their protective plastic cans. Remember to include this order form and your payment with your film. First Class U.S. postage for standard or bubble envelopes is:

2 first class stamps for 1 roll
3 first class stamps for 2 rolls
4 first class stamps for 3 rolls

Order Information

Standard Color (Economy) Proofs
Includes One Index Print Per Roll
fee per roll
Number of Rolls Additional Sets Number of additional Sets Amount
4" x 6" 24 exp $15.00              $6.00
per set*
4" x 6" 36 exp $19.00              $7.00
per set*
5" x 7" 24 exp $15.00              $7.00
per set*
5" x 7" 36 exp $20.00              $8.00
per set*
*2nd set of prints is $5 per set for 24 exp. rolls; $5 per set for 36 exp. If ordering 2 or more additional
sets add $6 per set for each add'l. 24 exp set and $7 for ea add'l 36 exp set.
Picture CD with a print Order 24 exp: $7.00              36 exp: $9.00                          
Paper Surface        Matte        Glossy
Print Borders        Borderless (Standard)        White Borders

Pro Proofing
Includes Two Index Prints Per Roll
24 Exp. 36 Exp. Amount
4" x 6" $16.00              $21.00                          
Additional Set of 4 x 6s $6.00
per set
per set
5" x 7" $17.00              $24.00                          
Additional Set of 5 x 7s $7.00
per set
per set
8" x 12" $44.00              $65.00                          
Additional Set of 8 x 12s $24.00
per set
per set
Studio Name Backprint
Up to 9 Characters Including Copyright © Imprint
Add $2 per roll up to 4 rolls. No charge 5+ rolls.
Paper Surface        Matte        Glossy
Print Borders        Borderless (Standard)        White Borders

Digital Proofing For Color and B&W 35mm Films
Suggested for black & white prints from color negative films, for standard B&W films, or for printing C-41 compatible B&W films such as Kodak’s Portra 400BW film. Digital Proofing is the same price as the Pro Proofing listed above. White bordered prints are not available on digital proofs.
Digital Prints?        Yes        No

       Color Film to B&W
       Standard B&W Film
       C-41 B&W Film
       Color Film To Color Prints

If ordering B&W prints, please let us know your preference:
       Neutral B&W (Standard)
       Warm B&W

Total Amount of Order             
Florida Sales Tax
(Florida studios who do not have Tax Exempt Certificates on file)
  Florida Resident?        Yes        No
Shipping Method
       Ship to US - Standard - $3.50 per roll
       Ship to US - Priority Mail - $6.50 Total
       Ship to Canada - $7.00 per roll
       Ship Outside US and Canada - $14.00 per roll
Total Amount Enclosed
(U.S. Funds Only)

City:                                                                        State:                   Zip:              
Country Code:        US
Day Phone:                                                              
Payment: Make your check payable to Dale Laboratories for the total amount, or enter your Visa or Mastercard number and its expiration date.
     Card # ______ - ______ - ______ - ______  Exp Date: ____/___

     Signature _________________________________
        Credit Card Orders Cannot Be Processed Without A Signature

Limit of Liability - Submitting any film, print, slide, negative, or digital media to this firm for processing, printing or other handling constitutes an AGREEMENT by you that any damage or loss by our company or a subsidiary, even though by our negligence or other fault, will only entitle you to replacement with a like amount of unexposed film and processing or blank media. Except for such replacement, the acceptance by us of the film, print, slide, negative or CD-R is without other warranty or liability.