It used to be easy to tell who was a professional photographer and who was an amateur. The pro would be carrying the "big rig", with a heavy-duty flash and bracket on a 120 camera body. The amateur carried a 35mm point-and-shoot or SLR with a built-in flash.

Today, it's tough to tell the pro from the amateur photographer just by his or her equipment.

Advances in technology have allowed many studios to adopt digital SLRs and take advantage of digital photography?s smooth work-flow and cost efficiencies. Quite a few of our pros are using 35mm film for shooting weddings and other events that previously they only shot on 120.

Digital images have also begun to replace slide images for use in commercial photography, publications and graphic arts.

The lines between the needs of professionals and advanced amateurs are far less defined, too. Nearly everyone is shooting digitally or using digital technology (i.e. Picture CDs from 35mm and computer enhancement programs like Photoshop) to some extent.

If you're a working professional you have more opportunities?and more challenges?today than ever before.

Our job, at Dale Laboratories, is to give you the laboratory tools to help you at your craft.

We provide a wide range of traditional 35mm and 120 film services and complete digital printing and enlarging services.

This section contains specific services that are used more often by pros than serious amateurs. However, you will find processing services, for both film and digital photographers, in other sections of our site that will also serve your professional needs.

The point is that all of our services are delivered at a professional standard of quality.

If you ever have any questions or need our assistance, please do not hesitate to call our Customer Service Department at (800) 327-1776.