35mm Proofing

Most photographers have gone to digital dSLRs for their photography.

However, some amateurs and pros still prefer using film.

Technology has improved prints from 35mm negative films to where they can match or exceed digital and provide the nearly the same quality as 120.

Using today's advanced 35mm films...combined with our digital printing systems...our laboratory will give you the same sharp, color prints as can get from digital cameras...all with that unique character that only film can provide.

Two Ways To Order Outstanding 35mm Proofs
  • Digital Pro Proofing - When you're selling your previews as finished enlargements consider Pro Proofs. Each roll is digitally scanned, video analyzed and printed for the optimum color balance. Digital Ice™ provides automatic dust removal.
  • Digital Pro Proofing - Must be used for black and white films, or to turn color negatives into sepia or black and white proofs. Film is digitally scanned, video analyzed and digitally printed.

Please use this order form if you have exposed 35mm film and would like to send it to us for processing. Just fill in the information below and specify the service you’d like. When you’re done click on the Compute and Format for Printing button at the bottom of the page. Then, compute and print the resulting order form on your computer’s printer. Send your film, the printed order form, and your payment in any secure envelope or box to:

Dale Laboratories, 2960 Simms Street, Hollywood, FL 33020-1579

If for some reason your computer does not calculate the form, please click here to format a blank order form. All prices are included, so you can print the form and fill it in by hand.

If you have 120 or 220 film (or 35mm film on which you want our "Pro" proofing service) please click here for an order form.

Standard Color (Economy) Proofs
Includes One Index Print Per Roll
fee per roll
Number of Rolls Additional Sets Number of additional Sets Amount
4" x 6" 24 exp $15.00 $6.00
per set*
4" x 6" 36 exp $19.00 $7.00
per set*
5" x 7" 24 exp $16.00 $7.00
per set*
5" x 7" 36 exp $21.00 $8.00
per set*
*2nd set of prints is $4 per set for 24 exp. rolls; $5 per set for 36 exp. If ordering 2 or more additional
sets add $5 per set for each add'l. 24 exp set and $6 for ea add'l 36 exp set.
Picture CD with a print Order 24 exp: $7.00 36 exp: $9.00
Paper Surface Matte Glossy
Print Borders Borderless (Standard) White Borders
Pro Proofing
For color and B&W 35mm Film
24 Exp. 36 Exp. Amount
4" x 6" $16.00 $21.00
Additional Set of 4 x 6s $6.00
per set
per set
5" x 7" $17.00 $24.00
Additional Set of 5 x 7s $7.00
per set
per set
8" x 12" $44.00 $65.00
Additional Set of 8 x 12s $24.00
per set
per set
Studio Name Backprint
Up to 9 Characters Including Copyright © Imprint
Add $2 per roll up to 4 rolls. No charge 5+ rolls.
Paper Surface Matte Glossy
Print Borders Borderless (Standard) White Borders
Digital Proofing For Color and B&W 35mm Films
Suggested for black & white prints from color negative films, for standard B&W films, or for printing C-41 compatible B&W films such as Kodak’s Portra 400BW film. Digital Proofing is the same price as the Pro Proofing listed above. White bordered prints are not available on digital proofs.
Digital Prints? Yes No

Color Film to B&W
Standard B&W Film
C-41 B&W Film
Color Film To Color Prints

If ordering B&W prints, please let us know your preference:
Neutral B&W (Standard)
Warm B&W
Total Amount of Order
Florida Sales Tax
(Florida studios who do not have Tax Exempt Certificates on file)
  Florida Resident? Yes No
Shipping Method
Ship to US - Standard - $4.50 per roll
Ship to US - Priority Mail - $8.00 Total
Ship to Canada - $10.50 per roll
Ship Outside US and Canada - $17.50 per roll
Total Amount Enclosed
(U.S. Funds Only)
City:     State:     Zip:
Country Code: US
Day Phone: