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Ordering Instructions: South Florida Residents: Please follow the To Order: instructions above if you will be bringing your images in to our store.

Outside of Our Area:

1. Print out this agreement and fill it in.

2. Mail the agreement for this service and a photocopy of your photographer's release with a copy of your image disc (keep your original) to us. If you wish, you may FAX this contract and your release to us at (954) 922-3008 and we will contact you by phone.


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Service Provided: Dale Laboratories will design and print a photo album or albums from professional or other digital photographs. We will use the images provided to you by your photographer. Our 10"x10" albums come in two lengths; 20 and 30 pages. We suggest that you decide which album to buy based upon your desired number of pictures. Fifty to sixty photos can fit in a 20 page album. A 30 page album holds up to ninety images. Price: $395 for 20 pages; $475 for 30. Companion albums may be ordered for an additional fee. These 8"x 8" or 5"x 5" albums will have the same design as your 10"x10" album.

Copyright Release: A printed release from your photographer is legally required for us to use his or her images.

Steps in Creating Your Album:

1. Initial Visit or Submission - We will perform a complimentary check of your digital media to be sure the images are OK for good reproduction.

2. The Selection Process - Our staff will ask you to select up to sixty (60) of your favorite pictures for a 20 page album or up to ninety (90) for a 30 page album. If you could copy these images onto a CD-R at home it would be very helpful. When you bring your CD or the photographer's original images to our store we will provide up to one hour of one-on-one assistance to help you choose which pictures will go into your album. Additional selection time over one hour will be charged at $50 per hour. There is a surcharge of $1 per image for over 60 images in a 20 page album or over 90 images in a 30 page album.

3. Designing Your Album - We'll show you several different album styles to determine the look you prefer. Then, our design artist will lay out your pictures to attractively tell the story of your special event.

4. Approving Your Album - You'll return to our store...or we can email files to that you can view our designer's layout on a computer monitor. If you'd like changes we'll be happy to make them, possibly with you at the designer's side. When you feel everything is satisfactory we'll make 5"x10" photographic prints of your album as a hard proof. Should you want changes we'll make them and run out a 2nd proof at no charge. At this point you should be able to approve your album. If there are still changes we will make them. However, extra proofs past the 2nd (free) one will be charged at $50 each.

5. Additional Charges - We are able to offer such a low-priced album to you based upon an efficient production model where both labor and materials are controlled. While we will make every effort to satisfy you it is important for you to understand that you are a part of this cost-saving equation. If the time you require for consultation or design changes becomes excessive we have to charge you additional fees for time and materials as specified above. Photoshop Retouching - Our service does not include retouching. You may request retouching at an additional cost of $75 per hour.

Payment: 50% at the start of the Selection Process. 25% directly after album design approval. 25% on album delivery.

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