Mixed Panoramic Processing

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Mixed Panoramic Processing and Printing

Do you have a camera that shoots in the wide, panoramic format? If you do, we have some very good news for you. We now offer "mixed" panoramic printing at a bargain price.

Here's what this means to you. Several of the major 35mm manufacturers have camera models that allow photographers to change back and forth from the standard 35mm format to the panoramic format with the flip of a switch. When you switch to the panoramic mode, some flaps come down in your camera to mask off (block) part of the top and bottom of your frame. This exposes your photograph on a long, rectangular section in the middle of the negative frame. When enlarged, this area of the negative can be blown up to produce a 3-1/2"x11" or 4"x12" panoramic print.

The "new" panoramic print format created a bit of a problem in the photofinishing industry...and for our customers. If the frame was printed as a 3-1/2"x5-1/4" or 4"x6" standard proof, the picture you'd receive of a panoramic scene would show just what your camera shot; a long narrow picture in the middle of your frame, with dark borders on the top and bottom. For the laboratory to print the full 4"x12" panoramic print there would have to be an increased charge to you for the extra paper used and...most important...the non-automated handling required. In our laboratory, that charge was $2 per panoramic print. So, if a photographer sent in an order with a lot of panoramics and we printed each one of them to "full" size, the cost could really add up. (Imagine $72 in extra charges for a 36-exposure roll!) So, the U.S. industry "standard" was to print the proof to the normal 3-1/2"x5-1/4" or 4"x6" print size, showing the black borders. Naturally, you could order an enlargement later. But your original proof was less than the impressive panorama you had visualized in your viewfinder.

Our new, mixed panoramic service lets you have both full 4"x12" panoramic prints and standard 4"x6" proofs from the same 35mm roll at the time of processing. Most important to you is that this service is affordable! The additional charge is just $4 for a 24-exposure roll and $5 for a 36-exposure roll...no matter how many panoramic shots you have on your roll. For multiples (two of each, three of each, etc.), just add the $4 or $5 for each additional set of prints.

The Only Requirement:

Since not everyone wants full panoramic prints at the time of processing (due to increased cost or not "loving" the long, panoramic dimensions), we can only offer this service if you specifically ask for mixed panoramic printing before we process your film. If you want to print your panoramic pictures as 4"x12" prints, please write "Mixed Panoramics" on your mailer and include the extra $4 or $5 payment per roll. (You might also include a note with your film.) Should no instructions be received with your order, we will print your proofs as per industry standard, 3-1/2"x5-1/4" or 4"x6" with the black upper and lower borders showing on panoramic exposures. Negatives from any panoramic pictures may then be returned at a later date for an enlarging order.

A Lower Price for Panoramic Enlargements

We've reduced the price for 4"x12" panoramic enlargements (from previously processed negatives) from $2 to just $1.50 each. So, if you'd like to see your proofs first and then choose which enlargements you want, you'll be able to do so. Simply fill in the word "Panoramic" on our price list's Enlarging Order Form and purchase as many as you wish. Naturally, the normal shipping and handling charges apply as they would with any enlarging order.

8"x11" Digital Index Prints

Imagine how easy it would be to keep track of all your 35mm negatives if you had a big index print of every picture on your rolls...complete with frame numbers. You can order our 8"x11" index sheet by itself or in addition to other processing. Each sheet comes to you with two clear plastic pages that are punched for a three-ring, loose-leaf binder; one sheet for the index print and the other for holding up to six 4-frame negatives.

Neg. Developing & 8"x11" index print...$6/24 exp.; $7/36 exp. + $1/order S&H

8"x11" index print as an "add-on" to a 35mm process & print order...$4.95/sheet

8"x11" index print of previously developed negs of a single roll...$5.95/sheet + $3/order S&H

To Order:

Please include a note with your mailer stating that you want 8"x11" index prints. On reorders of previously processed negatives, be sure to separate the negatives so that each group has only the negatives from a single roll. With newer films that contain "extended" DX barcodes on the edge of the negatives, our equipment will place the frames on the index print in sequential order. Older films that do not have the extended code will not have frame numbers. Kindly bear in mind that since this is a digital process, the images on the prints will not be as sharp as if they were on a direct contact print. The individual frames will be 1-5/8"x1" on 24-exposure rolls and 1-1/2"x7/8" on 36-exposure rolls.

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