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How To Get Professional Quality

Digital Enlargements!

Prints & Enlargements From Your Digital Camera
Enlarging services for professional photographers and photo enthusiasts who want to look like pros…

ll have to see our prints to believe just how good pictures from your digital camera can be when you make it big with our pro lab services.

Every enlargement is individually color corrected by a Master Technician.

These are the same top-quality prints demanded by America’s best professional photographers. The only thing that’s missing is the high price!

You’ll save on all print sizes from 4" x 6" – 20" x 30". Pro-quality 8" x 10" enlargements are only $7.50 each. Impressive 16" x 20" prints are just $19.75. Even a poster-sized 20" x 30" is only $29.50!

Let us be the “secret ingredient” that takes your photography to the next level!

Order prints online at http://www.iprints.comor burn your JPEG images onto CD-Rs and mail the CDs to Dale Laboratories. (Click here to receive a supply of postage paid mailers or here for an online order form you can print at your computer and mail to our laboratory with your CD-R.)
Digital Enlargements From Film
We make digitized enlargements by scanning your negatives and/or slides into a computer, converting the density and color information into digital pixels and then printing the enlargements, pixel by pixel (point by point) onto Kodak’s highest quality photographic paper (not ink-jet).

Our digital enlargements are far sharper…with richer color and greater detail…than traditional, optically produced prints.

Special Digital Services
Expand Your Creativity – Well apply some digital tricks, on request, to allow you to expand your creative options. For example, you can order a black and white enlargement from color negatives or transparencies. We also make great enlargements from 35mm and 120 B&W film.

Do you snorkel or scuba dive? Take advantage of a special process, developed for our laboratory by Eastman Kodak, that will give you spectacular color from previously developed negatives taken during your dives!

Enlargements From Slides
Digital enlargements are a dream come true for slide shooters! You no longer need to order expensive internegatives to get prints. Enlargements are available in all sizes from 5" x 7" to
20" x 30".

The best color rendition will obviously come from the properly balanced and exposed slides. Off-color or overexposed slides will not produce prints that are as good as correctly exposed or even slightly underexposed (dark) transparencies. But you’ll find that we can often salvage even poorly exposed slides.

When You Order Enlargements From Film…
Digital enlargements from film are a bit more expensive than from digital cameras. Thats because film enlargements require two more steps than ones from digital cameras. First, we need to scan your slides or negatives. Then, we individually retouch every picture using Photoshop and other programs to clean up scratches and imperfections. (So, a 16" x 20" print from your negative or slide is $19.75 and a 20" x 30" will cost you $29.50�which is still a bargain!)

How to Order Enlargements From Film - Well be happy to send you complete information with postpaid mailing envelopes, a list of available sizes and instructions on how to submit your order. Click here to receive a supply of postage paid mailers. Or...if you would like to order now...please Click here for an on-line order form and instructions on ordering.

Kodak Endura Metallic Paper
For the most pop youve ever seen in an enlargement you may want to try Kodaks new Metallic paper. Prints on Metallic look almost three dimensional, with color saturation that is unrivaled by any other paper on the market. We offer Kodak Metallic paper as an option on all print sizes from 8" x 10" through 20" x 30" at prices that are just a few dollars more than on regular photographic paper. Metallic enlargements are available from either digital cameras or film.

Texturing and Dry Mounting
Print texturing and/or flush dry mounting add that extra professional touch that makes good enlargements look even better. Two textures are available. The canvas texture is ideal for portraits and strong scenics. The lighter, linen texture highlights softly lit portraits, flowers or subtle motifs.

Flush mounting enhances and protects your enlargements. Your enlargements are bonded with a permanent adhesive on sturdy art boards.