35mm Film Print Processing

35mm Film Processing

...with a difference

You can have your film processed and prints made just about anywhere.

Why should you mail your 35mm film to us?

Because, when you use Dale Laboratories you'll experience a new dimension in your photography. We'll provide the custom touch that pros demand and you should expect.

The colors on your prints will be more true-to-life, the images sharper. You'll also be able to take advantage of special services that you simply won't find at local stores.

35mm Film Processing

Here are some of the services you can expect:

  • Prints and slides from the same 35mm roll

  • Digitized photos of your film images on Picture CDs

  • Professional E-6 slide processing

  • Prize-winning enlargements at competitive prices

  • Direct, digital enlargements from slides

  • Ultra-sharp, digital proofing from 35mm B&W films

How good are we? PhotoGraphic Magazine compared us to dozens of other quality labs. Their editors considered our quality...and the value we bring to our customers...so high that they rated us as One of the Top 10 Photo Labs in the United States . You will, too!

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